The Voluntary Pre-K program at West Hardin is an educational program, which employs a comprehensive, integrated curriculum designed to develop language, early literacy and math skills in all domains and provide a foundation for school success. Our young students at West Hardin are immersed in literacy, language, math, science and social/emotional instruction through the Big Day for Pre-K Curriculum.

Day to Day at Pre-K

Our Pre-K program is a full day program beginning at 8:00am with car riders dismissing at 2:40 each afternoon. During the school day, our students will spend time in whole group instruction during morning meeting, calendar time and meeting times throughout the day. They will also work with a teacher during small group work time to focus on specific skills. Pre-K students are encouraged to explore and learn through play during center time when students have free choice to play in centers that are set up throughout the classroom. They can choose to learn and play in the Dramatic Play center, Blocks and Building center, Math center, Puzzles and Games center, Science Center, Art Center, iPad center, Book center, Sensory Table and Writing center.

Our Pre-K students are involved in Related Arts classes just like their older peers at West Hardin. They go to the computer lab, library, art, music and guidance classes as well as organized Physical Education. Students in Pre-K also participate in several fun field trips during the school year. We always take a trip to the pumpkin patch in the fall and a community helper’s field trip to Savannah in the spring.


At the beginning of the school year, many students entering Pre-K haven’t been in a school-type setting before. We generally expect students to respect the authority of the teachers in the classroom and follow directions as they learn the rules and routines of the classroom.

One of the greatest blessings in the Pre-K classroom is our instructor to student ratio. We have three adults working with students during the day. There is a Pre-K teacher, a full-time Pre-K assistant, and a part-time Pre-K assistant. Having three highly qualified teachers in the classroom allows more one-on-one time and small group time for students who need it.

Parent Involvement for West Hardin’s Pre-K Program

Parents and families are a vital part of the learning process in Pre-K. Pre-K teachers begin the school year by making a home visit to each new student’s home to visit with the family and give information about our Pre-K program. Each week students have a show and tell homework assignment that their parents are encouraged to help them with. Parents also receive a weekly newsletter with information about what their child learned at school and suggestions to help them continue the learning at home. Throughout the school year parents and families are invited to various events including Harvest Festival, Veteran’s Day program, Donuts with Dudes, Thanksgiving Program and lunch, field trip chaperones, holiday parties, Read Across America celebration and Mother’s Day lunch. Pre-K parents are encouraged to attend at least two parent involvement activities during the school year. They can choose from Back to School Open House, Parent Teacher conferences, and Child Abuse training, to name a few.

From the Teacher

As the Pre-K teacher, I get to be involved in many “firsts” for my students. Watching the students experience their first ride on a school bus on their first field trip is always fun. My class always performs a Thanksgiving program entitled “Hooray for Thanksgiving.” Watching them perform it each year is such a treat. I love going on our community helper’s field trip each spring and watching the students faces as they climb on a fire truck and an ambulance, visit the local hospital, and ride the city trolley. I also enjoy the little moments like watching a child delight in the fact that they have learned to write their name.

In our Pre-K classroom, I foster an atmosphere of belonging and ownership that in turn creates children who strive to do their best. The preschool years are some of the most influential years in a child’s life and we try to capitalize on that by using hands-on activities and providing opportunities for children that they may not have otherwise. In my experience, the more fun and meaningful experiences a child can have, the more they will grasp, learn and continue to grow. “

-Kristen Bomar, Pre-K

Pre-K Team Resume

*We have 49 years of education experience.

* We have taught in two elementary schools in Pre-K and P.E.

* We hold degrees in Early Childhood Education, Learning and Technology, and Child Development

* We have a Bachelor of Science, Master of Education, and Child Development Accreditation degrees

* We believe our strengths include: Loving, Compassionate, Flexible, Child-Centered, Excited

We are a great team and love working together!

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