The Foundation

Our Kindergarten students at West Hardin learn to read, write, count, add and subtract. We learn all letters and sounds, read many books, count and write to 100, and work with our addition and subtraction facts to 10. We also discuss shapes, colors, and classroom skills that our students will need as they further their education next year.

Taking It Seriously but Keeping It Fun

In kindergarten we learn our letters, the sounds that they make, and eventually how to make CVC words. We read stories to practice listening to sounds in words, to ask questions, and for fun. In a packed learning schedule, we work to make sure that the learning is fun and inclusive. The computer program we use the most is Lexia. It provides an age appropriate format that is easy for our students to use. In math we have a calendar time and use manipulatives to increase learning. This year the students will also use iReady for math. We are excited about the possibilities this learning program can bring to our students.

Communication and Expectations

We send home a weekly newsletter and there will be a copy of the report card in the take home folder daily folder. Additional contact information will be provided in their folders the first days of school. This includes Remind, email, and phone extension at the school. On the back of the newsletter we will add a homework page of skills that your child can practice to help them that week. As the year progresses, students will receive sight words to practice. The best homework is simply reading with your child every night.

Academically, it helps if the student is familiar with letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. The better their foundation, the more advanced we can be in our instruction with them individually in reading and math concepts. We expect students to listen and follow directions and instructions while being polite and responsible each day. Students should be able to attend to themselves during bathroom breaks, write their name, and manage their own lunch tray and food.

Lots of Love, Learning, Fun, and Laughter!

We are passionate about helping each child succeed in class, but we also believe that the student should feel important and loved.

“I like to see the children enjoy learning.  I also love to see children obtain concepts that they have struggled with in the past.  They are always extremely proud of themselves.”

-Courtney Austin, Kindergarten Teacher

“I enjoy seeing the students learn.  I want them to be ready for first grade and enjoy kindergarten.  I hope to make school a place they love to be.” 

 -Crystal Austin, Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten Team Resume

*13 years of teaching experience with 8 1/2 years in Kindergarten. 

*We have teaching experience in three schools. 

* We have experience teaching in first grade, third grade, and Kindergarten 

* We have bachelor’s degrees in elementary education K-6 with endorsements for pre-K and seventh and eighth grade. 

* We strive to help each child reach their full potential to be successful in school.  We work together to ensure the best environment and education for our kindergarten learners. 

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