Nurturing and Guiding Our Students

At West Hardin, we believe that the nurturing of each student is more than academic achievement and that there are many components that encompass the results of academic achievement.  Our school counselor at West Hardin Elementary makes it her goal to help students adapt, adjust, and enjoy school.  Character education, social skills, conduct and conflict resolution are just a few of the subject areas that are necessary within the guidance curriculum for our school.  As students grow academically, we believe it is just as important for them to grow socially and emotionally.  We strive to see each student succeed not only as a student, but as a future citizen.

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In our pre-K classroom, there is an atmosphere of belonging and ownership that in turn creates children who strive to do their best.  The preschool years are some of the most influential years in a child’s life and we try to capitalize on that through the use of hands-on activities and providing a variety of opportunities.  The more fun and meaningful experiences a child can have, the more they will grasp, learn, and continue to grow.

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Our West Hardin kindergarten is: Lots of love! Lots of learning! Lots of fun! Lots of laughter! We are passionate about helping each child succeed in class, but we also believe that the student should feel important and loved.

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Our first grade provides an environment where students feel loved and encouraged as we learn and grow together. Our students are inspired and motivated to reach their maximum potential as they learn through inquiry and quality instruction.

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We try to be fair, respectful, and responsible. We are serious about learning, but we also know how to have lots for fun. Every child, every day, giving 100%, the cougar way!

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In third grade we love learning through a quiet, happy environment. We work hard to master skills and try our best every day.

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In fourth grade we strive to promote outstanding citizenship, while developing a thirst for knowledge through the use of cooperative learning strategies.

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In fifth grade we strive to provide our students with a safe and welcoming learning environment. Here everyone is encouraged to succeed both academically and socially through positive opportunities and extracurricular activities.

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Tennessee Academic Standards
21CCLC Extended Learning Program

Special Education

We strive to build a relationship of trust, respect and love with our students in Special Education. When the students know what is expected of them and that we care, they are willing to work together and fulfill their potential one day at a time.

Curriculum and Instruction Facilitator

Our In-School Curriculum and Instructional Facilitator fulfills a great task of keeping teachers informed and empowered through collaboration, creating a positive school atmosphere here at West Hardin. We collect data and analytics on both teacher and student performance to identify areas where we can maximize student achievement.

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Physical Education

Physical Education is a little bit of everything:






Students not only play a variety of games in P.E., but they also participate in the 5 Star Fitness Challenge. This is a county-wide program that tests each student in pull-ups, sit-ups, shuttle run, sit & reach, and a mile run.

West Hardin Elementary Library

The primary goal of the Library/Media Center at West Hardin Elementary is to foster a love for reading. That combined with the free availability of information are the most important responsibilities of the Library.  Using the Accelerated Reader (AR) program, we encourage every student to read a variety of books in order to accumulate points that earn the student various awards.  Students earning 3 points in one week receive an opportunity to eat lunch in the library on Monday.  Each month points are tallied and students are recognized for their work by being placed in points clubs and the Top 10 list.  At the end of the year, a reward is organized for all students who qualify for the points clubs.  Past reward activities have included a Royal Reading Luncheon with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna and a build-a-sundae party with supplies donated by a local business.  Readers are leaders and we strive to create in our students the best readers in order for them to grow to reach their fullest potential.

Teacher showing her students a book


The purpose of the school counseling program at West Hardin is to facilitate learning opportunities in a manner that ensures all students can achieve school success.  We strive to meet the personal, social, and educational needs of our students while working alongside our parents.  We advocate for students’ well-being and offer guidance and support when the need arises.

Some activities that we enjoy to build relationships and skills include many different social stories, props such as puppets, games including bingo, and lots of interaction through conversation. Some topics include study skills, manners, feelings, self-esteem, hygiene, friends, bullying, healthy choices, fire prevention and much more.

If I can ever be assistance to you or your child, please contact me at the school.