A Scope of Second Grade at West Hardin

We use the Benchmark Advanced Reading Series. Through this program we explore nonfiction text that are rich in science and social studies. We also explore fiction texts that teach moral lessons. All of these texts are engaging to the students. They leave room for open discussion and lots of activities.  Through Benchmark we explore a variety of topics including the following,

  1. Life Science Character Matters
  2. Government and Citizenship Perspectives in Literature
  3. Technology and Society Themes Across Cultures
  4. History, Culture, and Geography Earth Science
  5. Economics Physical Science
  6. Life Science Character Matters
  7. Government and Citizenship Perspectives in Literature
  8. Technology and Society Themes Across Cultures
  9. History, Culture, and Geography Earth Science
  10. Economics Physical Science

In math we explore a wide range of topics including addition, subtraction, place value, measurement, time, money, etc. Our biggest goal in 2nd grade math is word problems with multiple steps. Students will learn how to break down problems and solve them easily.

Enhanced Learning & Achievement

We strive to enhance their learning and achievement by getting the students involved with their learning. We use technology to explore topics deeper. We explore with hands on projects and team work.


We believe parent involvement and support in a child’s education is a step to helping promote academic success. It shows your child that you care. We encourage our parents to read each night with their child and ask questions like, “What did you see, feel, smell, hear, and taste today?” Practicing math facts every night also helps student be successful. We expect for our students to grow in their reading abilities the most in second grade. We want students to develop into strong fluent readers. Readers, who understand the lessons in the text they are reading.

From the Teachers:

In second grade, we try to be fair, respectful, and responsible. We are serious about learning, but we also know how to have lots of fun! Students are expected to be responsible, respectful, and ready to engage in class. They need to be fluent in basic addition and subtraction math facts and reading skills. Our goal is to build on previous knowledge and learn something new every day.

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