The Foundation

Our Kindergarten students at West Hardin learn to read, write, count, add and subtract.  We learn all letters and sounds, read many books, count and write to 100, and work with our addition and subtraction facts to 10.  We also discuss shapes, colors, and classroom skills that our students will need as they further their education next year.

Taking It Seriously but Keeping It Fun

Both of our Kindergarten teachers have activities for each letter in the alphabet.  We teach a letter each week and have the opportunity to be creative while having fun creating art and other activities.  As an example, we have a cowboy/cowgirl day for the letter “C” where students can dress up and perform activities.  Also, for the letter “U” we have unusual day where students dress unusually.

Our students also enjoy “Starfall” on the computer where they can play math and reading games.  Kindergarten is very “hands-on” and is filled with learning through play, games, crafts, and activities.  We also use many manipulatives in reading and math.

Communication and Expectations

To keep parents informed, we send home a newsletter each week that provides information on what the students will be learning the following week.  Each letter also contains the story for the following week.  We encourage parents to work with their children by reading the stories, practicing sight words, and reviewing the math that is listed each week.

Academically, it helps if the student is familiar with letters, numbers, colors, and shapes.  The better their foundation, the more advanced we can be in our instruction with them individually in reading and math concepts.  We expect students to listen and follow directions and instructions while being polite and responsible each day.  Students should be able to attend to themselves during bathroom breaks, write their name, and manage their own lunch tray and food.

Lots of Love, Learning, Fun, and Laughter!

We are passionate about helping each child succeed in class, but we also believe that the student should feel important and loved.

“I like to see the children enjoy learning.  I also love to see children obtain concepts that they have struggles with in the past.  They are always extremely proud of themselves.”
-Jimmi Lynn, Kindergarten Teacher

“I enjoy reading in small groups, field trips, and playing games with the kids.”
-Faye Parker, Kindergarten Teacher