In 5th grade at West Hardin, we strive to provide our students with a safe and welcoming learning environment.  At West Hardin, every student is encouraged to succeed both academically and socially through positive opportunities and extracurricular activities.  As the oldest peers in our school, we also expect them to be leading examples for their younger peers who look up to them.  Soon, they will embark on a new territory as they transition to Hardin County Middle School.  During 5th grade, we will not only test the foundation of their academics from the previous years, but we will challenge them to become focused and ready for the next level.

Our 5th graders learn to place value to thousandths and multiplication and division of fractions and whole numbers.  They will find the volume of rectangular prisms, graph points on coordinate grids, convert measurements from customary/metric, and sort and categorize 2D figures.

Tools We Love

By now, our students are accustomed to using technology to achieve.  We use computer games and computerized testing.  We use manipulative centers, small groups, Moby Max in the computer lab, and literature to grow our students.

Expectations for Parents and Students

We believe fifth grade is a crucial year for students as they prepare for transition.  We strongly encourage parents to go over homework needs, send them to school on-time and consistently, and to schedule dental/doctor appointments after school hours.  We also encourage parents to practice with their child using problem solving situations at home.  It is highly recommended that parents attend our Parent-Teacher Conferences and any and all meetings associated with their child’s academic success.

Fifth grade students need to be fluent in all basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.  We also push our fifth grade students to be responsible, respectful and ready.

Our most enjoyable moments with our fifth grade students are the milestones they master throughout the year.  We also enjoy the games and field trips!