Our second grade students at West Hardin are held accountable with high expectations for their academic growth and character development.  We will contribute to engaging learning through love and support.  Our vision is to become responsible, independent role models who set and accomplish goals, focus in class, and achieve higher grades while working as a team and having fun.  We try to be fair, respectful, and responsible.  We are serious about learning, but we also know how to have lots of fun!

A Scope of Second Grade at West Hardin

In Math students will use hands on tools and technology in the process of learning how to fluently add and subtract within 100, and use models and strategies to add and subtract within 100.  We also work on sills including measurement, time, money, graphics, and data, shapes, and their attributes.

There are four strategies that are used to learn how to problem solve.

The content is developed with focus, coherence, and rigor to prepare our second grade students to perform at their highest ability.

Reading is a core subject that is a key to all other subject areas.  Our students are grouped according to their needs.  Weekly fluency passages are given to monitor reading development.  Students will also use detective type skills to use text evidence and support answers from a passage.  Whole group reading instruction and smaller leveled groups make up our reading program so that all diverse learners are successful.

Our first six weeks in Unit 1 we learn about exploration. We explore space and desert life. In the next six weeks in Unit 2 we learn about working together to accomplish goals. We learn about scarcity, goods, and services. In Unit 3 the theme is “creative ideas”. Several of our stories teach about friendship and working to accomplish goals together. In this unit we learn about George Washington Carver and how he helped people with all of his research and inventions. The theme for Unit 4 is “Our Changing World.” In this unit we learn about soil and growing plants like pumpkins. We explore life cycles.

Then in Unit 5 our theme is “Responsibility”. We learn about teamwork. We read stories about fire fighters and learn about other workers who provide services to us.

In the last unit we learn about traditions and cultures in our country. We learn about cowboys and birthday celebrations. We also learn about our flag and elections.

Each week the students write about the topic we are learning.

Science and Social Studies- Both subjects are integrated into our reading stories. Several of our stories are informational texts. We also learn about our Volunteer state.

Enhanced Learning & Achievement

Just as students love working on the computers in first grade, we continue building on their expertise in second grade with learning games on the computers.  We also utilize listening centers, math games, reading/phonics games, and marker boards to enhance their learning achievements.


We believe parent involvement and support in a child’s education is a step to helping promote academic success.  It shows your child that you care.  We encourage our parents to read each night with their child and ask questions like, “What did you see, feel, smell, hear, and taste today?”  You may purchase flash cards that have math facts that are age appropriate and compatible with our teaching level in second grade.

We expect for our students to grow in their reading abilities the most in second grade.  In fact, we test them to know how many words they are reading per minute.  We expect for our students not to be struggling with one-digit addition and subtraction facts, basic sight words, and with tying their own shoes.

We love it when our students “get it” when they are grasping to understand a concept.  We also appreciate our daily hugs!